Geol. Gerardo Marolda

Geol. Gerardo Marolda


The geological  office “Mari Milena and Marolda Gerardo geologist partners” was  born in October  2007  from the intuition and the intellectual  involvement of two professionals: the geologist Marolda Gerardo and the geologist Mari Milena as a  consequence of their professional collaboration in the field of geology , which started at the late nineties.

The geological office “Mari Milena and Marolda Gerardo geologist partners” performs professional works in the field of geology  , hydrogeology, geotechnics and   geology applied  to buildings  and  land management  ,landscape  geology, hydrogeology and seismic risk, making use of the equipment instruments available.
The continuing trend towards improvement in synergy with the ongoing  technological  innovation, represents  the  strong point of their activities, in order l to provide professional  services in conformity with the stipulated requirements and inherent of the needs of the project.

The overall goals of the quality are the client’s complete  satisfaction and the constant improvement of the  quality standard.

The quality of serves is the result of their commitment, of the professional ability and  organization which must guarantee  maximum efficiency.

The collaboration , comparison and synergy  with other professionals  sets their  completeness and  efficiency towards results.

It is within their competence the  drafting of geological and geomorphological surveys,geological  inspections for  land management,geological and environmental  feasibility for civil engineering ,survey for definition of  hydrogeological  insatiability, survey for seismic micro-zoning studies , environmental impact, strategic evaluation (SEA),natural and artificial slope stability analysis, site assistance, computerazedl thematic cartography and GIS.

To belong to LLBPP is for us  a great cause of  prestige, to be able to compare with the coordination and project  team is a huge privilege, to be able to share our knowledge and experiences  to achieve our goals is an  added value to our job