Ing. Roberto Giachetti

Ing. Roberto Giacchetti


Roberto Giachetti

Born in Ancona on  April18, 1951

Graduated in Civil Engineering  in 1975 , enabled  as engineer  in 1976 . Member of the Civil Engineer Order of the province of Ancona. From 1976 to 2001 as a  graduate technician, he  was a chief of Laboratory of  Testing  Materials and Structures of the Department of Structures of the Faculty   of Engineering of Ancona. Winner of two grants NATO CNR Senior and Advanced Fellowship,  between 1987 and  1989 he  did  research  at EERC, Department of Civil Engineering , University of California  ,Berkeley.

Winner of the contest for  university researcher of Technology of constructions , in  year 2001. From 1991 to 2009 he gave lecturers at the faculty of Engineering  at the Polytechnic University of Marche in Ancona in the field of “Experimentation, Test and Control of Structures” and ” Control of materials and structures” during Civil Engineering Architecture Course.

Lecturer of the ” Structure Project”   and “Technology of construction ” at the  Faculty of Architecture  at Camerino University.

Since  1 January 2001 voluntary interrupted the University  activity and  devoted himself full time to the  freelance profession in  building and structural design,work management, stress test , building site safety, consultancy into structure dynamic and seismic engineering.

As  an expert of seismic protection involving  non conventional systems he designed many  buildings  with root insulation systems or  energy release. From year 2006 he is a director of Lab SIDLAB in Osimo “AN”.

Expert of levee 3 CICPND of  in site control of the Architectonic structures in the field of Cultural Heritage
Author of more than 60 scientific publication and tree books  concerning seismic engineering and structural diagnosis. Since 2003 has made many controls on seismic vulnerability and projects of structural improvement.

I believe  that the complexity  of the issues that must be confronted for  a correct and  satisfying design and a faithful realization  of any building and  environment requires an interdisciplinary synergy and a coordination  amongst the various activities( architectural planning, structural, systems, safety, project management, work management , stress test).
On my side  to belong to LLBPP team means to  share my professional experience and my  scientific  culture for an optimal solution of the structural problems. I think  not of secondary meaning the inside comparison between different visions of  the real world which, if well aimed on a shared target, will definitely give the right value to our planning activity.