Our Story

Who We Are

The LLBPP team is a group that works every day with passion and commitment to get the best results from their projects.

The LLBPP retrieves, creates and designs architecture, structural and infrastructural works, specializes in urban design, planning and supervision of architectural and structural works, plant design, renewable energy, environmental assessments, geological and geotechnical studies and more.
It also provides mediation to companies that want to enter in an international context.

Stractural Design

Structure the essential soul of any architecture without which it could not exist or be represented, at the same time able to adapt itself to the forms and the vagaries of the latter

Urban Planning Architecture Design

The essence in living an environment, a space, a city in its entirety, in its complexity and at the same time in its simplicity, appreciate a particular, the static and dynamic, be able to enjoy it in immediacy and for a long period of time the intrinsic characteristics … defines the true soul of the architectural project

Environmental Impact Study, Geology and Geomorphology

Design of thrmotechnical systems

Much attention is paid to plant design, renewable and innovative energy operating in the field of integrated plant design providing solutions that can include electrical design, special systems, lighting design, the study of energy needs, the use of renewable sources , optimization of energy generation systems aimed at energy saving, thermal design and conditioning systems, fire prevention.

Services for companies

This sector gives support and concreteness to the requests of companies of any field interested in entering the national and international working circuit.

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